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Privacy Policy

Mortgage Depot (MD) considers the privacy and protection of information concerning a client* to be extremely important and has designed this policy to inform you how personal information will be handled.

Source of Information

Most information is gathered directly from you in the form of a credit application. Information is also gathered from credit reporting agencies, mortgage insurers, lenders and/or any person, corporation or enterprise with whom you have or propose to have a financial relationship.

Purpose and Sharing of Information

Information is gathered to confirm your identity and to assess your eligibility for credit. Only information that may have a bearing on your application for credit is gathered. It is shared with lending organizations that MD approaches on your behalf to arrange a new loan or to renew, transfer or amend an existing loan. Some information may also be shared with credit reporting agencies and others with whom you have a financial relationship as part of the process of gathering information on which to base the decision to make a loan. You may refuse to provide information, but such refusal may result in your application for credit being declined. Information may also be shared if necessary to meet audit, legal, accounting or regulatory requirements.

Social Insurance Numbers

MD requests your social insurance number to help confirm your identity and citizenship. You are not required to supply this number and refusal to do so will not, by itself, result in credit being declined. MD may request other forms of identification.

Retention of Information

MD collects only that information needed to provide you with the service or product you request. Information is stored in a secure environment and retained as long as necessary to meet legal and regulatory requirements and the purpose for which it was intended. Once information is no longer required it will be disposed of in a secure manner such as the shredding of paper documents and erasure of electronic files.

Use of Personal Information for Marketing or Information Updates

MD does not supply information to others for marketing purposes. MD may supply you with information about products or market conditions that may be of importance or interest to you in the future. You may withdraw your consent to be provided with this information at any time.


MD obtains your consent to obtain and share information in several ways. MD relies on the following as indications of consent to our current and future personal information practices:

  • Your voluntary provision of information directly to MD for purposes obtaining, renewing or transferring a credit product.
  • You express consent or acknowledgement contained within a written, verbal or electronic application process.
  • Your consent given through your authorized representative. This could include a legal guardian, agent or someone to whom you have given your Power of Attorney.

Questions or Concerns

Questions or concerns about MD’s Privacy policy can be expressed by calling 250-475-1166 or 1-888-622-7999 (outside the Greater Victoria area) and asking for the Manager of Privacy Policy.

*In this policy, “client”, “you”, “your” and “yours” refers to any individual who has requested a product or service from Mortgage Depot.

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